Vintage Pen Sale

I buy parker 75 from ebay, and resell them to chinese pen forum.

Sometimes I buy pens undervalued. Should I price it at low price in chinese market? Should I price them abase on their cost?

If I buy a pen undervalued, that's windfall. But I have no reason to transfer the windfall to my customers.

Here's the clear lines:

  1. Because my cost is not based on the quality of the pens (windfall or loss base on my fault), the resell price has no relation of the cost.
  2. For simple case: I'm competitive buyer, and a competitive seller. I only can sell parker 75 to chinese market at chinese market price. That's all. If the cost (including ebay price and opportunity cost of my time) is greater than the chinese market price, I don't buy it. If smaller, do it. (Face horizontal demand line)
  3. In the chinese pen forum, it's not so competitive. So I may face slop down demand curve. Marginal revenue equals marginal cost. I only know that I should constrain my sale to the forum, or the price be driven down by my large supply. But what's my marginal cost? Without knowing that, I can't determine the supply level in the forum.
  4. If my buying on ebay force the price goes up? Since I'm talking price goes up or falls down, there's a average market price, that's a price around which actual price fluctuates. I can only make decision base on the market price or expected price.

How can I record my sale in account sheet?
For individual transaction, just record it's cost and sale price, though not indicate whether this is a good deal; it's for simplicity and when you combine all transactions, you got your real cost and revenue in general.

Cost of Vintage Pens (on ebay auctions)
c=cost, m=message about the pen,
c=c(pics, descriptions, location of the pens, delivery time, reputation of the seller, buyer's preference?)

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