Similarity Of Demand Curve And Labor Supply Curve

Indifference Curve and Budget Constraint generate Demand Curve.
If you can adjust the product ability to affect the price, you can use Marginal Revenue Curve. (Marginal revenues curve exists regardless you have that market power or not.)
If you exercise prince discrimination, your Demand Curve turn into Marginal Revenues Curve, and your new demand curve is a new curve called All-Or-Nothing Demand Curve.

For worker, utility curve and income constraint curve generate leisure demand curve, then we have labor supply curve (average factor cost curve, AFC curve).
If employer is monopsony, he can use Marginal Factor Cost Curve (MFC curve).
If employer exercise discrimination (by overtime wage), he can turn AFC curve in to new marginal factor cost curve, and a new supply curve is called All-Or-Nothing curve.

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